Double Injection

We can produce & develop by your need, with different finishing on one’s parts, they could be molded combine Gas Assistant system or RHCM to get high gloss surface and free of welding line, shrink mark. You also can gain up your products value with bonding with metal, plastic and / or Elastomer to get outstanding outer-looking, Anti-slip Waterproof, Shockproof function.

Other than the high self-requirement of the corporation, Push Power is also very enthusiastic about fulfilling its responsibility toward customer sand the society. Since 1995, Push Power has received a succession of certifications, including the internationally recognized ISO9001 Quality System Certification, ISO-14001 Environmental Protection Certification and OHSAS-18001Occupational Health & Safety Certification and SONY GP Certification. In order for the corporation to provide perfectly satisfactory services, the overall management and production procedures of the company are all in conformity with the international ISO standards.

Comparison Chart

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